About Me

:wave: Hello, I’m Emanuele Iannone, a Computer Science Ph.D. student at University of Salerno (Italy), and I’m part of the extraordinary family of SeSa Lab. I was born in Salerno, Italy, on 1st September 1996.

:pencil: I’m currently at the second year of my Ph.D. program. My research resolves around the analysis of Software Vulnerabilities in the field of Software Maintenance and Evolution, advised by Prof. Fabio Palomba and Prof. Andrea De Lucia. My main research topic concerns the analysis of current V&V practices to deal with software vulnerabilities and, more in general, security issues.

:mortar_board: I received (110/110 cum laude) the M.Sc. Degree in Computer Science at University of Salerno in September 2020, defending a thesis on Automatic Exploit Generation of Known Java API vulnerabilities advised by Prof. F. Palomba and Prof. A. De Lucia.
:mortar_board: In July 2018, I received (110/110 magna cum laude) the B.Sc. Degree in Computer Science at University of Salerno, defending a thesis on Automatic Refactoring of Android-specific Energy Smells advised by Prof. A. De Lucia.

My research activity is around Empirical Software Engineering, a sub-domain of Software Engineering focusing on conducting experiments on software systems and developers. My main research interests are:

    :bangbang: Security Verification & Validation
    :exclamation: Search-based Software Engineering
    :exclamation: Green Software Engineering     :exclamation: Mining Software Repositories

:nerd_face: I have always been fond of video gamers, especially role-playing games (RPG), but since my professional life got new perspectives, I (sadly) had to change my habits, so I got into anime and TV series.
My favourite video game series are Final Fantasy and Pokémon, while I’m a great fan on Attack on Titan TV show.

:information_source: General Info

First Name Emanuele
Last Name Iannone
Birth Date 01/09/1996
Birthplace Salerno, Italy
Nationality Italian

:telephone_receiver: Contacts

Email (University) eiannone a-t unisa d0t it(-remove-if-not-spam)
Email (Personal) emaiannone a-t hotmail d0t it(-remove-if-not-spam)
Twitter @EmanueleIannone3
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